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[1977.09.20, an angel were born] There’s a lot of things that I wish I could say to her personally. Things like, "You give me life", "Your songs makes me dance and some makes me cry", and especially "I love you". Namie Amuro to me isn’t just my favorite singer, who I know every song and dedicated my life to read several times her biography and watch her videos. She’s a part of me, like a beginning, a rebirth. The interest and curiosity that I had years ago to a japanese singer made what I am today, and I regret nothing. She’s a lovely person with sparkles in the eyes, cutest smile and a delicate voice like a angel. She’s a stronger woman full of care, always thinking in the family first. She’s so special to me that if I tried to describe all this important, it would be a failed attempt, the tears would speak for me. I love you is all I can say, and I hope to live longer to see her smile, to hear more new songs that will come, and, of course, see her happy. Every fan of yours love you more than you think, Namie, and will be with you until the end. Happy Birthday!

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happy 37th birthday (sept. 20, 1977) to the queen of hip-pop, namie amuro!!! 

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Today is Amuro-chan’s BIRTHDAY☆
THANK YOU always for your continuous support

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"If its a girl, I will name her Namie" 

Yakusoku 1998

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#weird how they're only using the butterfly set for one song #Namie Amuro #tour:Live Style 2014

LS2014 Osaka ballads


On 9/10, Namie performed Let You Let Me Go. She wore a white dress with a sparkling headband. She sang on the right side of the stage. The user who reported this wrote that they can only remember ‘white angel feathers’ from the set/backdrop.

Namie sang I WILL at the 9/11 tour date. The butterfly set was used. She sang on the right side of the stage and wore a black dress.

On 9/14, she sang Dreaming I Was Dreaming. She wore a pink dress and sang on the left of the stage where there was a bench and a streetlight. There was no dancing (some fans were wondering if she would dance or not).

And finally, on 9/15 Namie sang White Light in a pink beige dress in front of an illuminated tree on the lower left stage.


Happy 22nd Anniversary to Namie Amuro! On September 16, 1992, idol group SUPER MONKEY’S released Koi no Cute Beat / Mister U.S.A., their first single. Amuro, who was 14 years old at the time, was the focal and leading member of the group.

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Namie Amuro in That’s Cunning

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Namie for WWD Japan, June 2014

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Break It
They’re multiplying, aren’t they?
The times you feel unsatisfied
If that’s the case then please try to challenge that feeling
Up and down, a spiral, like a rollercoaster
Break it all before you rot away
The fragments of my memory, the red full moon
I want everything, I want to break it

Go Round

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Favorite Namie Amuro MVs : Naked (2011)

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Everything Namie Amuro : Her profile

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#she always re-uses her ugliest outfits #why #tour:Live Style 2014



Namie performed Wishing On The Same Star (the Ballada version) before CYC? at Fukuoka on Sept 5. The set included illuminations in the shape of a christmas tree. She wore a white dress with a white headband.

On Sept 6, Name sang ALL FOR YOU. She wore a beige dress similar to the beige PINK dress from the 2012 dome tour. Word is there was no exclusive set for this part today. She used her falsetto but had trouble hitting the high notes and didn’t sing ‘darling you’ before the last choruses.

ROCK STEADY appears to be out for good. NEVER END was also not performed at Fukuoka.

BTW I forgot that the dress in dome tour was pink, not beige
but the beige dress for ALL FOR YOU is similar to the PINK one (get myself back, in the spotlight, etc) and it’s more dress-y