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Namie sang Four Seasons last night!

word is that the butterfly set was finally used for this song
she stood in front of it wearing a black dress and it looked like she had wings

the black dress was also worn for cyc?

it also looks like she dropped ROCK STEADY from the setlist last night

wonder if she’ll replace it with something else?

GINA September 2014 [DL]

never again will I call forth worry
and I will rewrite all the bad memories
without hiding away the last of my liberty
'cause I have enough pain


HQ Numero Tokyo Scans

Interview translation to come soon!


AR August 2014 [xx]

Anyone have any recommendations for scanners or a scanner/printer? Mine is on the fritz. :x

Have you ever watched the Wishing on the same star performance from FNS? If you haven't go watch it and if you have then what the hell happened during the middle/end parts? it was mortifying I felt so bad for her :(

Yeah, I saw it back in like 2009 or something. There are a couple of performances of WoTSS in which she forgets the lyrics or sings the wrong verse at the wrong time, etc. A lot of people chalk it up to the fact that it’s a pretty emotional ballad, and most of the TV performances of it were around the time of her divorce.
- g

Well, I'm not too sure about it, but from the little I noticed when comparing Namie before and after what happened to her family you can see she lost some spark in her smile. Again, I'm not sure about it, perhaps she is just more mature and wants to have a more serious, fierce image or maybe she just is really tired from all the promo and the concerts and even her management...

I think it’s probably some mixture of all three, but considering the time that’s passed since her mother’s death and her divorce, I highly doubt that has much of an effect on her mental well-being now. 
I definitely think Namie started to treat her career as strictly business back in 2003 when she re-emerged as SUITE CHIC and went on to do STYLE. Her bubbly attitude during concerts from 2012-now seems a lot more forced than back then - it’s more than likely a reaction to everyone telling her she seems dead inside, never smiles, etc. 
She definitely wants to have a strong, serious, mature image now, but she seems very detached from everything, especially her fanbase (although she’s always kept a pretty far distance from it). It definitely could be due, in part, to her frustration with her so-called “slave contract.” 
- g


Here’s a 2:00 min. preview of “SWEET KISSES”, the song featured in the OLEO D’OR’s commercial, by NamieNewsNetwork.

They also uploaded the making of OLEO D’OR’s commercial, in case you are interested - here.


2003. 07.14 Hey! Hey! Hey!  Namie loves LEGO. 

Who ever thought of the green dress with sparkly straps and shit needs to be locked away. What a sick and twisted demented person.

I saw somebody on twitter describe it as a “grasshopper” dress :O

Either way, it’s definitely a needle-scratch compared to the rest of the costumes this tour



Last night’s concert had a new costume (a pink dress) and HimAWArI was replaced with The Meaning of Us. Seems like she’ll be switching out costumes and ballads each show! 

source: https://twitter.com/daigo29/status/503126912890204160

Whoever came up with that ballada dress + leather pants combo deserves a raise


Live Style 2014 Costumes (2/2)

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