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安室奈美恵 - ROCK U / ravex feat. 安室奈美恵


安室奈美恵 feat. ravex | 04. ROCK U | Checkmate!

So shut up and get up, cuz that’s what we do
Let’s cut up this mutha, you’ve got nothing to lose
So shut up and get up, cuz that’s what we do
Get down, down, down… rock you!

New theme!

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Oh, sorry then! I thought you didn’t notice it. Please, continue updating sweet19blues! It’s great to get to know her first songs.

It’s all good! s19b is actually a separate account, regrettably. Hahah. 
I’ll definitely queue up some more Checkmate! and some older b-sides and remixes that we haven’t gotten to yet throughout the week!
- g

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00mx asked:
Jesus. I was just posting about "Don't Wanna Cry" and how much I love it and want a better version of it, and you guys delivered. I girl is truly floored. Thank you so so sooooooo much omg! I know the song shouldn't make me cry, but I cry tears of happiness listening to it. It is by far my favorite song of hers. Alright, let me take my emotional self away now lol.

Ah, I forgot who it was that posted that! I uploaded it with your post in mind. c: It happened to come on shuffle, and I was like ayyyy might as well, haha. I’ll upload the Space of Hip-Pop version sometime, too, if I can find it. It’s not as good in quality, but it’s still really nice!
- g

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Wasn't that "Don't wanna cry" audio supposed to be posted on sweet19blues?

Nah, it was intentionally posted here. I wanna get through Checkmate! before I start posting other audio there. I like the posts to flow by album/single most of the time, yakno? Thanks though!
- g

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#namie amuro #Don't wanna cry #media:audio #audio:Don't wanna cry #tour:Dome Tour 2012 #for all the dwc fans #however few of u there are #i really love the live versions of this bc her voice has improved sooo much #it's such a classic jam tho #u can get shit done bumpin this let me tell u
安室奈美恵 - Don't wanna cry

Don't wanna cry | Five Major Domes Tour 2012 ~20th Anniversary Best~

I’m gonna quit
Putting my hand to my chest at the end of each day
If I allow myself to give up
I won’t even be able to say hello
There’s a road that leads everywhere
Someday I’ll be there
I’ll be there, I’ll be there

Favorite Namie Amuro quotes [Part 1/?? ]

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Namie sang Four Seasons last night!

word is that the butterfly set was finally used for this song
she stood in front of it wearing a black dress and it looked like she had wings

the black dress was also worn for cyc?

it also looks like she dropped ROCK STEADY from the setlist last night

wonder if she’ll replace it with something else?

GINA September 2014 [DL]

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never again will I call forth worry
and I will rewrite all the bad memories
without hiding away the last of my liberty
'cause I have enough pain


HQ Numero Tokyo Scans

Interview translation to come soon!


AR August 2014 [xx]

Anyone have any recommendations for scanners or a scanner/printer? Mine is on the fritz. :x

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Anonymous asked:
Have you ever watched the Wishing on the same star performance from FNS? If you haven't go watch it and if you have then what the hell happened during the middle/end parts? it was mortifying I felt so bad for her :(

Yeah, I saw it back in like 2009 or something. There are a couple of performances of WoTSS in which she forgets the lyrics or sings the wrong verse at the wrong time, etc. A lot of people chalk it up to the fact that it’s a pretty emotional ballad, and most of the TV performances of it were around the time of her divorce.
- g